Saving Lives through K-Dramas

About Us

Hana, dul, set. Bringing K to the drama! Annyeonghaseyo! We are your ahjummamshies! Jal bootakhae!

We are a group of chingu, created by our love for Gong Yoo, forged by bingsu, and tested by soju. We promise to give you all things K-Drama; to be with you in loving oppa; and to binge watch with you till we all look like a panda 🐼🐼🐼

Saving lives through K-Dramas.


Meet the Squad!

  • Maknae Ahjumma

17553811_1815254031821817_8059044712956801094_nI’m an introverted Leo who has a faux-naif wonder with all the whys and hows in dramaland. I’m a society slave by day, fiction writer by night and a self-confessed fangirl in between.

Join me, your cutesy dongsaeng, in exploring and learning more about Korean culture through K-Dramas.

Remember if #adulting gets tough, a little bit of escapism doesn’t hurt. So, go get your daily dose of K-Drama and be in the loving arms of your favorite oppas.

  • Grumpy Ahjumma

17554125_1815253968488490_6774858422078072283_nWho needs Messi when you’ve got Jo In-sung?

Annyeong! I’m Grumpy Ahjumma. A lot of things can tick me off, but there are two in particular that make me really grumpy: when I don’t get my daily dose of K-Dramas, and people who are ignorant of my need for K-Dramas. My love for K-Dramas dates back in high school when Song Hye-kyo was still Jessie and sang “Gom Se Mari” in Tagalog.

Join me as I take you to a magic carpet ride and reminisce old K-Dramas as your resident throwback ahjumma. Let us bring back that old feeling which made us stay in K-Dramaland forever, that oppa from years back who never made us move on from second lead syndrome, or that K-Drama which we never got over with.

Kids, never forget how K-Dramas made the world less crabby. Let’s relive the bond that was shared across generations! 🌠

  • Tipsy Ahjumma

17523601_1815254071821813_7814156290787888906_nPangya! Pangya! Pangya! Annyeong-hashimnika! I’m Tipsy Ahjumma, your Classic Sassy Girl and wide-eyed wanderer who is Uncontrollably Fond of all things K-Drama. I once lived in a Secret Garden where the Moonlight was Drawn by Clouds before Pinocchio ripped my Scarlet Heart open. Despite that, I silently hope that a Goblin will hear not wishes for a Love from the Star nor a Legend from the Deep Blue Sea; neither prayers for a Rooftop Prince nor a Flower Boy Next Door; but simply my heart’s desire for One More Happy Ending.

Catch me on Ahjumma’s Pick where I will list down everything K-Drama and all things oppa. From the most heart-wrenching lines to breath-catching kissing scenes and everything in between. Call? Call!

  • Unica Ahjumma

17553778_1815253941821826_7454998010569267383_nAnnyeong! I’m an only child who still has a curfew at home despite being already a little over a quarter of a century old. I’m so much into K-Dramas and movies as much as I’m so much into horror films and zombie-related things. I’m currently a full-time employee at a TV station, a full-time daughter to my senior citizen parents, and a full-time furmom to my four dogs and 10 cats.

I’m gonna be your official K-Movie Corner reviewer every second and fourth Friday of the month so I hope you all drop by. I’m no movie expert, just an average K-Movie fan who wants to spread good vibes to everyone so expect my movie reviews to be short and sweet but full of hearteu! ❤

Don’t forget, I’m Unica Ahjumma who believes that “One K-Movie a week keeps the heart from growing weak!”

  • Busy Ahjussi


“Let me be you ahjussi in this world full of ahjummas.”

Annyeong! I’m Busy Ahjusshi! Yes, you’re right! We’re not all ahjummas here, but just like everyone, I’m a certified K-Drama addict! I’ve been hooked to the craze back to when Jang Na-ra was the IU of her era (now that makes me feel old) and the only way to watch K-Dramas were through the local networks, meaning no streaming sites, no DVDs and no “padownload-naman-please.”

Join me as I feature you’re favorite celebs’ filmography—from their humble beginnings to their blockbuster hits—in the segment called In Spotlight. You surely don’t want to miss it!


7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi there. So, I was just wondering, if there was anyway, I could join you on your journey of reviewing dramas. Though I haven’t been watching dramas for a long time (a little over a year), I have loads to rant on. So..let me know.


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