The lineup for upcoming SBS mystery drama is shaping up nicely. Top star Go Hyun-jung (Dear My Friends) and skilled actor Shin Sung-rok (My Love From the Star) officially confirmed their participation for Return.

Go Hyun-jung will take the role of Cho Ja-hae, a lawyer who grew up in an underprivileged home and now is the host a legal TV show “Return.” Return will revolve around a murder which tags rich children from prominent families as suspects.

On the other hand, Shin Sung-rok will go back to playing a chilling character with Oh Tae-suk, a villainous CEO who tries to cover up his past.

Further, Park Ki-woong (Monster) is also considering to join SBS Return. He was offered to play the sole heir of a chaebol family.

Return will be directed by Joo Dong-min and will be penned by Choi Kyung-Mi, and is set to take the Wednesday-Thursday 22:00 time slot in January.

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