It is confirmed: SHINEE’s Onew (Descendants of the Sun) will leave Age of Youth 2. Both cable channel JTBC and Onew’s agency SM Entertainment confirmed that the idol-actor will step out of the show following the controversy of his sexual assault charges.

JTBC released a statement recently, “It is fully confirmed that Onew will be leaving Age of Youth Season 2.”

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment has this to say in light of the recent controversy, “After consulting with the production staff, we both have amicably agreed to have Onew leave Age of Youth Season 2.”

On August 12, Onew was brought in for questioning after being alleged of sexual harassment at a Gangnam club. SM Entertainment announced that the woman has dropped all charges against Onew, but the case has since been forwarded to the prosecution.

Age of Youth 2 is scheduled for broadcast on August 25.