These are the B.E.S.T. episodes so far! I’m so obsessed with it that I watched it repeatedly for sooo many times already. Hahaha, bian replay button.

Good news! Our JiBong ship captain, Mr. Bang, is now awake, and I felt so relieved that he’s as good as brand new.

Mr. Bang even teased the people at the law firm about the promises they made when he was still lying on the hospital bed. Of them all, CEO Byun is the one in biggest trouble as he vowed to give Mr. Bang all his assets and fortune once he wakes up. Now he’s denying that he even said that. LOL. CEO Byun, you’re one funny soul so, the revelation about you being the one who planted the fake evidence at Jung Hyun-soo’s (Dong Ha) apartment is very surprising.

About the attacker, Mr. Bang is 100 percent sure it was Hyun-soo even though he didn’t see his face due to his mask. I really want that killer to get caught ASAP, otherwise I’m afraid that he’ll commit bigger crimes.

But it seems like seeing Hyun-soo behind bars won’t happen soon as he’s now the one in coma following his hit-and-run accident while fleeing Prosecutor Cha (Kwon Na-ra) and her team. This incident put the prosecution in bad light as the public viewed it as a forced arrest, making DA Jang angry. I’m guessing that Hyun-soo will become amnesiac upon waking up due to his head injury, fulfilling his character’s description as an amnesiac murderer in this show’s promotion. It’ll be so frustrating if that happens.

But before we deal with that, let’s first relive Noh Ji-wook (Wookie) and Eun Bong-hee’s (Nam Ji-hyun) sweet moments from these episodes that surely satisfied every JiBong shipper out there very much.

Ji-wook is such a touchy BF, don’t you agree? I noticed that he wants to hug or kiss Bong-hee every single time. But, if I were Bong-hee, I will never ever complain!

Bong-hee calling Ji-wook jagiya is so funny and sweet, but it’s Ji-wook’s cuteness while asking Bong-hee to call him jagiya one more time that totally won me over. This guy! How can he be sooo cute!? I can’t handle him!


And seeing them sleeping together so peacefully got me so, so happy. I love how they found solace in each other’s arms, most especially Ji-wook who has insomnia. Seeing him sleeping tightly next to Bong-hee is such a wonderful sight.

Ji-wook can be cold and cruel as a prosecutor and lawyer, but he’s totally a child as a boyfriend. I couldn’t help but laugh every time he throws tantrums for always losing against Bong-hee in the games they played during their arcade date.

He can also be as sweet as candy, proof is the necklace he got for his muse. Ahhh, the things we do when we’re in love.

Bong-hee and Ji-wook’s ommas have finally met! I know that they started off on the wrong foot, but if given enough time to get to know each other, I’m sure they’ll become BFFs and coolest in-laws ever.


And omo, omo, omo! I died and born again with Ji-wook and Bong-hee’s hot bed scene! My heart went wild watching them kiss hungrily, and wondered whether they didn’t feel anything at all while filming it. Yeah, I know they’re professionals and all that but, they’re only humans, too, right? Gosh, my naughty imagination. Bian, I just can’t help ship these two so hard!

The next scene where they lied next to each other after their first night together gave me major Healer feelz. It’s just that this one is more daring as they’re both naked under the sheets. Ji-wook giving Bong-hee small kisses on her shoulder is so sweet I can’t help but think this girl really did something so good in her past life to be this blessed in the present time.

Everything is so perfect until Ji-wook saw the framed photo of Bong-hee’s dad atop the side table—the same man whom DA Jang told little Ji-wook killed his parents. Andwae!!!

I wish that the next episodes won’t be full of tears because I think my poor hearteu can’t handle it.

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