We are about to end this melancholic journey, and revelations are flying everywhere. Our independence fighters face the biggest battle of their lives, and some sacrificed themselves for the hope that one day, Joseon will be liberated again.

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Seo Hwi-young (Yoo Ah-in) and Shin Yul (Go Kyung-pyo) lead the Joseon Youth Alliance in its covert operation against the Japanese imperialists. Many lives were sacrificed along the way, but they were able to escape the main venue. Unfortunately, the group’s sniper Ryu Soo-hyun (Im Soo-jung) was caught by traitor/Japanese spy Heo Young-min (Kwak Si-yang) and used her as a bait to catch the real leader of the alliance.

So as expected, both of our lovesick heroes were deeply worried after her arrest. Yul was ready to go after Soo-hyun to rescue her but Hwi-young’s logical explanations were able to convince him not to be reckless, and confront the government about the secret organization.

The gloomy atmosphere of the entire episode made it hard for me to watch. I was so attached to every character, no matter which time line. Honestly, I love this Kyungsung setting more than the present so it pains me to watch the torture felt by Hwi-young, Yul, and Soo-hyun. Their love for their country is already unparalleled, but their love for each other is beyond words. The relationship between our main characters proves that friendship transcends life.

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This episode also differentiates the distinct characteristics of Hwi-young and Yul. Yul wears his heart on his sleeve. Hwi-young thinks first about the consequences of his actions. Yul is ready to fight for love. Hwi-young is ready to choose his country over love. Their conversation about Yul’s decision to save Soo-hyun was the most heartbreaking thing in this entire world. When Yul said it’s time for them to part ways and lead a different path, I knew something bad is about to happen. And either one of them won’t survive this episode.

But when Yul said that he will give up on Soo-hyun in their next life, flashbacks of his actions as Yoo Jin-oh (also Go Kyung-pyo) came rushing to my mind. So that’s why he was not fighting for Jeon Seol (also Im Soo-jung) in the present. I liked how until the end, the bromance is still as strong as ever even if they loved the same girl. Also, it makes sense now that Han Se-joo (also Yoo Ah-in) was going all out in his love for Seol. Their unfulfilled love in their past life was continued in the present.

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I can clearly empathize why Yul had to reveal Hwi-young’s identity in the final part of the series. Though Soo-hyun might misunderstand the desperation, Yul was just merely surviving the ordeal. Just imagine the weight he bears while seeing the love of his life get tortured in his place.

I am also satisfied with how Hwi-young died as a hero. His greatest sacrifice was not giving up on his love for Soo-hyun. It was his admirable commitment to die for his country. He just proved that he was indeed worthy to become the leader of the Joseon Youth Alliance.

Honestly, I almost don’t want to return to the present time line because Kyungsung events were so beautifully executed that it can stand alone as a series. So friends, let me just sum up this present time line.

Se-joo was able to survive the fall because Jin-oh successfully possessed his body and saved him. Baek Tae-min (also Kwak Si-yang) escaped responsibility (what’s new?) and Seol got abducted by Sang-mi. Se-joo was able to call his secretary for reinforcement and save Seol. That’s it, folks.

I am very nervous with how the present time line will end. We all know that Jin-oh’s days are numbered, especially after he rescued Se-joo in this hour. Seol and Se-joo’s love story is still every fan girl’s dream. There are still many questions left undiscussed so I hope the show will give us a finale we all deserve. After all this pain, we don’t need sleep. We need answers, right?

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