Crown Prince Lee Sun and the gang seemed to be riding the same boat with me as I scream, “adulting is hard, michil geot gata (I’m going crazy)!” I got swamped with work and am now a week late for our Ruler: Master of the Mask reaction. But worry not my fellow K-Drama drunkards, Tipsy unni still got you covered. Hwaiting!

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I decided to dissect Ep 5-6 based on one of Ruler’s four main characters, Kim Hwa-gun (Yoon So-hee). Though Han Ga-eun (Kim So-hyun) is the female lead of the drama, the character development of Hwa-gun on this episode will give us a hint on how the story will unfold.

How to be a Comeback Queen as told by Kim Hwa-gun

First, let me note that the granddaughter of Master Dae-mok is both charming and scary. I adore her spunkiness and go get it attitude, but it also terrifies me. I guess it all boils down to whether you’re on her good side or not.

Here is Hwa-gun’s three-step formula on how to be a successful comeback queen, Ruler: Master of the Mask edition.

1. Win the viewers’ admiration at the start of the drama.


– During the drama’s pilot, I betrayed Kim So-hyun after my heart skipped a bit the first time Hwa-gun met the prince. Her attitude, combined with the romantic scene, is just too cute that for a moment I forgot she’s not the leading lady.

2. Break the viewers’ trust on the next episode.


– On Ep 3-4, Hwa-gun failed me when she admitted to her grandfather that she saw the Crown Prince’s face. She got so annoying that I promise to myself I won’t root for her in future episodes.

3. Play with viewers’ emotion by showing your good side once again.


– Hwa-gun redeemed my admiration on Ep 5-6 for being fearless when she told Master Dae-mok that Crown Prince Lee Sun will be a great king. She even used her grandfather’s own illustration on the tea, water and cup in asserting to him that the masked prince will be an exceptional ruler.


Hwa-gun’s Anatomy


– She knows what she wants, she’s determined and she works hard to get it. Her ways can be questionable but you got to give props to her for being strong-willed.


– The comeback queen is smart and cunning. This is the part where Hwa-gun got scary. I know she has a sly side to her but I did not expect that she will put up her own father against Master Dae-mok.


– Maybe it’s love or infatuation or what not, but Hwa-gun definitely has strong feelings for the prince. She feels sad when the Crown Prince is in pain, she feels worried whenever he’s in danger.


She even asked Gon to protect the prince’s life like it’s her own.


And at the end of the day, I think Hwa-gun will be a big help to Crown Prince Lee Sun on his journey to greatness, and his long and arduous battle against Pyunsoo-hwe.


Tipys’s Lingering Questions

After Hwa-gun asked for Gon as her birthday gift, will his loyalty be with her or with Master Dae-mok?


Will Hwa-gun betray the prince or stop helping him once she noticed that he likes Ga-eun?


How will Deputy Magistrate Han’s execution affect the relationship between


A: Crown Prince Lee Sun and Ga Eun?


B. Crown Prince Lee Sun and his father, King Lee Yun?


C. Crown Prince Lee Sun and hot bodyguard Chung-woon (Shin Hyun-soo), who impersonated the masked royalty to perform the actual execution?


D. Crown Prince Lee Sun and Commoner Lee Sun?


What will happen to Commoner Lee Sun after Pyunsoo-hwe mistook him as the Crown Prince?


What will happen between Master Dae-mok and his son after Hwa-gun roused the latter’s desire for power?


Tipsy Playing K-Drama Genie

At last, I’m finally seeing the fine actor that Yoo Seung-ho is. In the past episodes, I was a bit worried of his performance and the way he attacks his character. But on Ep 5-6, he proved me wrong and showed his outstanding acting skills.

Screenshot_2017-05-20-04-44-35 The innocence, fear, pain and despair are all mixed in his eyes that you will genuinely pity him.


And every line that he delivers will pierce right through you.



As expected, Kim So-hyun once again proved that she is the greatest actress of her generation. Let me mention two scenes; one, the scene where the palace guards were arresting his father; and two, during Deputy Magistrate Han’s impending execution.


The look on So-hyun ssi‘s face and the feeling she gave is downright convincing. She delicately conveyed to the audience the emotion and hopelessness of a daughter who is about to lose her father.


Hot Bodyguard Chung-woon


My hunch in the earlier episodes was confirmed. Yes, yes, I found myself a new daddy.


Of course, next to this one, I mean, Sexy Bandit Kang Dong Ho (shameless promotion) is still my number one daddy.


A little promotion won’t hurt, right? Please vote for him on Produce 101, jebal!


Tipsy Findings

Among our four leads, I pegged Yoon So-hee (Hwa-gun) as the oldest, maybe because I watched her play a more mature role in Marriage, Not Dating. But it turns out that cute water delivery boy, Infinite L, was born the earliest.

marriage not dating yoon sohee

Infinite L (born Kim Myung-soo) – March 13, 1992 (25 years old)

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Yoon So Hee – May 7, 1993 (24 years old)


Yoo Seung-ho – August 17, 1993 (23 years old)

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Kim So-hyun – June 4, 1999 (17 years old)


I’ll see you on the next episode. Annyeong!

~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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