This one’s great news! EXO’s D.O (My Annoying Brother) and Park Jin-joo (Jealousy Incarnate) are slated to act together in new Speedy Scandal director Kang Hyung-chul’s film, Swing Kids.

Swing Kids is a film set in the middle of Korean War and is about a North Korean soldier held as a prisoner in a POW camp on Geojae Island. D.O will play the said soldier who has a passion for tap dancing, which seems to be the film’s main focus. There’s no information on what Park Jin-joo’s character yet but it would be such a disappointment if she’ll be pushed the minor role category because this girl does have acting chops. Actually, she previously worked with Director Kang in 2011 friendship-themed film, Sunny where she plays the foul-mouthed member of the girlfriends.

The film is expected to be shown in movie theaters next year.