Our Agent K (Park Hae-jin) has saved the day and this time, he did not only win Woon-kwang (Park Sung-woong) but Cha Do-ha (Kim Min-jung) as well. But if the incident has resulted in Seol-woo solidifying his position as Guard Kim, all is not well when it comes to his mission as Woon-kwang decided to put all his activities on halt — including Chairman Victor’s Party. Uh-oh.

Back Stories

Episode 3 helped us to understand the connections between our main characters deeper. We’ve come to know that Do-ha wasn’t a fan of Woon-kwang from the very beginning. The two met at the lowest point of their lives: Woon-kwang recovering from a car accident and his unexpected break-up with Song Mi-eun (Chae Jung-ahn); and Do-ha dealing with her Grandpa’s death, and somehow, the two became each other’s source of strength. At least for Do-ha. I like it that the admiration Do-ha has for Woon-kwang isn’t superficial. It made me sympathize with her more as to why she’s so protective of him even though he doesn’t see her the way she is to him. I’m such a sucker for an unrequited love trope.

Onto the past that Woon-kwang and Mi-eun shared. Although we don’t know yet the events prior to Mi-eun ditching Woon-kwang to marry Mo Seung-jae (Yeon Jeong-hoon), one thing is for sure – she did it to protect him. It’s also been revealed that Mi-eun has been playing ‘Daddy Long Legs’ all along by being a large shareholder to Chewing Entertainment to ensure Woon-kwang’s career success, unfortunately, Woon-kwang took it as an insult and decided to part ways with the company as soon as he found out the truth. I’m just wondering why Seung-jae, scheming as he is, has allowed her to keep her connection to Woon-kwang all these times? Wasn’t he the same culprit behind Woon-kwang’s first car accident?

Seol-woo is an agent after all

Seol-woo isn’t the conventional robotic, cold-hearted type of a spy, but that’s what also make him even more dangerous. He surely knows how to play with his emotions and other people’s feelings making those around him get fond of him easily, especially Woon-kwang.  And, even if I’m all for the genuine relationships among Seol-woo, Woon-kwang and Do-ha to grow, our bodyguard, apparently, isn’t interested in that yet or isn’t inclined to get involed at all.

For example, when a drunk Do-ha trespassed his room and unwittingly talked about her life’s hardship and her one-sided love for Woon-kwang,  I was thinking Seol-woo must be empathizing with her, only to be surprised of his realization — a way to attend Chairman Victor’s party. And when he’s giving advice to Woon-kwang to go on with his life, we’ve known that it wasn’t out of sincere concern for him, but as way to prevent his mission from being sidetracked. After all, he’s on a mission.

Right amount of comedy

Though the plot is headed towards the accomplishment of missions which is surely going to be serious, I do enjoy that we’ve got a dose of comic scenes every now and then. I really laughed hard during the scene where Seol-woo acted out the female part in Woon-kwang’s script and how he just couldn’t get out of the character. Park Hae-jin really does great in being awkwardly funny that I want to see it more and more.


I’m also liking Lee Dong-hyun (Jung Man-shik) popping out anywhere in disguises, aiding Seol-woo with his missions. Jung Man-shik has always been playing the bad guy so it’s really refreshing to see him being cute.

Let the mission begin

Yes, the mission started right from the moment Seol-woo accepted it, but we are yet to see all those spy action unfold at Chairman Victor’s Party.

Cut to the party in Russia. Seol-woo and Dong-hyun have plotted the plan to get the wooden carving neatly, and all that’s left was for things to fall in the right place which we know didn’t happen — all thanks to Woon-kwang. The actor insisted on keeping his ‘brother’ by his side making it hard for Seol-woo to carry out his mission. In the end, we heard Seol-woo decided to diss the original plan and resort to plan B. What is it? Well, we’re all yet to now


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