Our three misfits are yet again faced with another obstacle in their professional careers, and their future lies on a major decision that they are about to make. They say when life closes one door, it will open a new window. But when there are no more windows left, what will you do?

We start off our episode with Hyun’s grand entrance at Hauline while Ho-won, Ki-taek and Kang-ho watched him at the sidelines with shock and disbelief. The reality that Hyun used them, hired them into the company for his personal gain is something that all of them have yet to accept. Soon after, they are infamous in the company for being accepted “through connections with the chairman’s son.” Every one is gossiping about them.


As our EunJangDo trio hits rock bottom, they find a light through Woo-jin. Seo bujangnim has been helping these three a lot these days. He even proposed for their full-time employment! Not just one, but all of them! Ah, I am so proud of Woo-jin for seeing the good in our three heroes. He had set aside his disgust for nepotism, and just assessed them for their work. He also gave a very inspiring pep talk to our trio when they are about to quit their jobs. He told them not to let other people’s words interfere with their work. The only thing that matters in this world is how you perceive yourself, and not how others see you. It’s also one rule to achieve happiness.


We also meet Manager Park’s adorable pug named after Chief Director Han. How hilarious is that? And of course, in true Jerk Park fashion, his unprofessional attitude is sky high in this episode after he asked his staff to take care of his own dog and voted for EunJangDo’s end-of-contract dismissal just because they were caught by the chief director and Woo-jin.


Ji-na is also on her way to redemption as she is trying to mend her relationship with Ki-taek. At least now, she believes that Ki-taek can always do better. But that’s not the case when her ex-boyfriend was still just a non-passer, jobless nobody. I guess it’s time for us to prepare for a reconciliation real soon.

And with Ho-won’s decision to sue Hyun, I think our three misfits are on the right track in fighting for their rightful place in the corporate world.



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