After all the ups and downs, and false alarms, this is the moment that we have all been waiting for. I personally do not know how to react to the news of Ho-won not being critically ill because this has been a usual twist in k-dramaverse, but I can’t help but think that someone we all love will soon be diagnosed with the life-threatening sickness. I hope I am just thinking way too much ahead.


Woo-jin’s relief after learning that Ho-won is not terminally ill is just sweet and thoughtful, with a perfect balance of authority. I feel giddy whenever they try to act natural during awkward moments, and smile whenever Woo-jin treats her as an ordinary employee inside the office. I like how Woo-jin stays professional despite his growing feelings for Ho-won.


Finally, the show is satisfying our curiosity! Woo-jin voted ‘yes’ for Ho-won to stay at Hauline!


Our EunJangDo heroes in this episode have matured. They already stood the test of times. Hearing that Ho-won is not sick is just the cherry on top of all the miracles in their life after their failed suicide attempts. When Ki-taek said that life is still just and worthwhile, I believed him. Hard work does pay off.


What got me tearing up in this episode is Ji-na and Suk-kyung’s conversation about the frailties of a woman. It is just so realistic that I even wanted to chime in. When a working mom makes a small mistake, they say that women are not good employees because they have kids. When a single woman is meticulous, she is called a hysterical spinster, and blames her for being single. The harsh reality that women are still treated unfairly in society is still a long fight for advocates, but I am happy that this drama is able to tackle this issue using an office setting.



Suk-kyung’s advice to Ji-na about marriage is surely shaking her up, especially after seeing the snacks Ki-taek left on her desk. Ki-taek oppa is still the caring ex-boyfriend, and I can see Ji-na quietly missing him. I am still half-hearted about a possible reconciliation between Ji-na and Ki-taek, though. I still believe that they both do not deserve each other at this point.


Dr. Hyun is finally spreading his wings in the second half of the drama. We now know his primary motive for hiring Ho-won, Kang-ho and Ki-taek into Hauline. He was about to use them for a sensational, grand entrance as the CEO’s son. He was trying to get public sympathy and approval that he is the “kind” doctor who accepted three misfits into his family’s company after they attempted suicide. What a nice story. I would even applaud him for having this kind of foresight.


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