This episode made me hate Sole Music director Choi Jin-hyuk (Lee Jung-jin) even more. He’s a pro in manipulating people in order to get what he wants. How dare him force Kang Han-gyeol (Lee Hyun-woo) to choose between Yoon So-rim (Joy of Red Velvet) and Chae Yoo-na (Hong Seo-young)? He asked Han-gyeol to give the song he made for So-rim to Yoo-na in order to compensate for the endorsement contract she had lost to the Bong Trio, who is set to debut under the name Mush & Co.

Mr. Choi told Han-gyeol that if he gives the song to Yoo-na, he would allow him to produce music for So-rim. If not, he might lose So-rim permanently to Seo Chan-young (Lee Seo-won).


But Mr. Choi’s dirty tactics didn’t end there. He deliberately excluded Han-gyeol’s song from the choices for Mush & Co’s debut. Then the next thing we knew, Han-gyeol’s song is already Yoo-na’s comeback material. Woah!


Aside from his dilemma at work, Han-gyeol’s relationship with his dad is also in a bad shape. After a long time of being apart, he and his father Kang In-woo (Choi Min-soo) met again and we can sense that they’re not in good terms.


During an argument, Han-gyeol told Mr. Kang that he’s tired of him acting like a father only when he feels like it. He also told his dad that he’s different from him who can’t even be responsible for his own songs, the same way that he never acted like a responsible father to him or husband to his mother. Big words coming from Han-gyeol! But I know deep inside, he loves and misses his father so much.


Han-gyeol and the Crude Play boys fought over the leakage of their practice session videos that led to the discovery of their secret about having proxy players. Good thing it got settled before it even reached the public. Yoo Si-hyun (Kim Sung-joo) told Han-gyeol that he doesn’t want to sing his songs anymore because he feels like he’ll never satisfy him.


And what’s up with the ending? I can’t understand why So-rim got upset when she learned that the song Han-gyeol made for her is now with Yoo-na. Like, girl, you already turned it down! But I also don’t agree with Han-gyeol bargaining his relationship with So-rim to get what he wants. That’s not cool, oppa. You, more than anyone else, should know how it feels being manipulated.


What a sad and frustrating episode it has been. The only saving grace that we had is the guitar lesson scene between Han-gyeol and So-rim where they almost kissed. Ugh, again!!! PD-nim, enough with the tease please! Give us the real thing in the next episode, jebal!

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