Sung Joon is indeed working non-stop. Looking at his filmography, he usually starred in two dramas a year: Shut Up: Flower Boy Band and Can We Get Married in 2012; I Need Romance and Discovery of Romance in 2014; and Hyde, Jekyll, Me and High Society in 2016. And he’s now looking into doing it this 2017! Sung Joon is currently playing the lead male role in Perfect Wife and he’s now considering to headline romantic comedy Mojito.

Mojito is about a man who doesn’t nighttime so much, he opens a bar which only operates at daytime (not a good idea, I guess).  Sung Joon is up to play a cash-poor chaebol heir who goes anxious at nightfall. He then meets a woman who is used to being broke and the two of them fall in love. Hmm… the story seems typical but dramaland has offered so many conventional themes but managed to suprise us with addictive plots and interesting characters, so I’m still curious to see how this one goes. The female lead hasn’t been cast yet and I hope they pick a a good rom-com actress like Han Groo because Sung Joon’s acting usually comes to me as flat.

Mojito hasn’t been attached to a broadcaster and is set to be fully pre-produced.