We’ve got another casting confirmation for OCN’s Save Me with Lee David (Bring It On, Ghost, Mirror of the Witch) accepting the offer in the psychological thriller based on the web toon Out of this World about a group of unemployed men who saved a mysterious woman in an alleyway who was asking for help. They came to her rescue, but found themselves caught up in the mystery of her involvement in a pseudo-religious cult.

The cast will be led by Seo Ye-ji (Hwarang) who is set to play the girl who was whispering for help. This drama will be a possible reunion project with his Bring It On, Ghost co-star Ok Taecyeon who was recently offered the lead role opposite Seo Ye-ji.


Jo Jae-yoon (Defendant, Descendants of the Sun) and Park Ji-young (The Liar and His Lover, Jealousy Incarnate) have also signed on to complete the cast. Jo Jae-yoon will be a religious fanatic who blindly follows the orders of the cult leader played by Jo Sung-ha (The K2).

OCN’s upcoming weekend drama Rescue Me will premiere this summer in July.

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