Cupid probably practiced his arrow-shooting skills for months because when he shot Yoon So-rim (Joy of Red Velvet), it’s undoubtedly bull’s eye! She’s so into Kang Han-gyeol (Lee Hyun-woo) that I sometimes want to go to dramaland to calm her down.

Reax 5.1

The love line between our two love birds is finally becoming clearer with Han-gyeol showing more interest in So-rim (congrats, girl, all your efforts are now bearing fruit, I’m now convinced I need to get lessons from you lol). But as the romance grows, so does the rivalry. I can see that Seo Chan-young (Lee Seo-woo) and Baek Jin-woo (Song Kang) will be the obstacles in Han-gyeol’s way to So-rim’s heart, with the former being the more competitive one.

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Meanwhile, So-rim’s antics to get Han-gyeol’s attention never fail to amaze me, particularly when she gave him a couple cellphone case. So cheeky! Hahaha! But because the story presents So-rim as a high school student and Han-gyeol as a working guy, I can’t help but feel like he’s robbing the cradle every time they go lovey dovey. Though Han-gyeol can easily pass as a high school student himself (no sweat) with his baby face.

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Lee Hyun-woo and Joy’s strong chemistry is undeniable, I just wish they can sustain it because I’ve seen K-Drama couples who showcased promising chemistry but ended up losing it as the drama progresses.

Can’t wait to witness how the great reveal of Han-gyeol’s lies in the next episode will affect the growing affection between him and So-rim. Do you also feel the same?

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