From a cross dressing and butt grabbing CEO Ahn to a funny and drunk Bong-soon, episode 4 will definitely give you a good laugh. It is also now becoming obvious that our Lonely Prince is falling for the Strong Woman. Aside from the love line, what excites me most is the chilling development on psycho oppa and CEO’s stalker.

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Speaking of which, he got more aggressive and shot CEO Ahn with steel pellets. And even though the scene was supposed to be serious, PDnim made it hilarious by playing I Will Always Love You while Bong-soon is carrying her boss.


Our two leads also introduced themselves more in this episode, with CEO Ahn recounting how he left home at a young age, and Bong-soon sharing her hardships in high school because of her strength and unrequited love for Gook-doo.


CEO Ahn’s dreamy eyes when he looks at Bong-soon gives away his feelings. He even referred to her as cute and sexy the morning after she got drunk and called him a jerk in front of her mom.


Like what I’ve said, the fourth episode gave me a good laugh. The Dobong-dong ahjummas never fail to deliver funny antics whenever they are on the screen, as well as Boss Tak, his thugs and the high school minions.

In episode 3, I thought CEO Ahn is not in good terms with all three of his stepbrothers, but I was wrong. He is actually close with the second one and even informed him about his stalker. Also, a flashback showed that the second stepbrother was his savior whenever the other two bullies him and locks him up in the closet.

Call me a weirdo but I really like the development on psycho oppa. His lair, complete with dim lights and jail cells, was revealed. It was really creepy when the first victim was shown eating inside her cell as if she was starved.

Oh, before I say goodbye I want to share that the scene where appa is giving the money he hid in the shop to Bong-soon is really heart-warming. Episode 5 will definitely give us more kilig and funny scenes so stay tuned, annyeong!

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